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 Asphalt Repair

Reliable Asphalt Repair 

A hole or crack is more than just an eyesore to your driveway or asphalt surface; it can be a danger to people when walking at night or not noticing when it's there.  For more than 20 years Pioneer Paving has been fixing these problems to customers in Central and Eastern VA.  Our comprehensive treatment can target the smallest problem area so you can rest knowing that your driveway or surface is protected and safe.    

Some of the more common repairs we perform include: 

· Potholes
· Surface Deterioration
· Cracking 
· Drainage Issues
· Sub Soil Failure

If you have a problem that requires attention don't delay this inevitable repair.   Delaying repair to a damaged surface can only lead to a more expensive repair as well as damage to your vehicle.  Contact us today at (804) 744-9743 and let our team of highly trained professionals recommend the best and most cost effective solution for you.   

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